If I can be cheesy… Welcome Fellow Quester!

If not… Hi there, my name’s David. Welcome!

Life can be a muddle. I know I’ve found that:

  • I know so many people yet it’s hard to make friends.
  • My head is crammed with ideas yet it’s a challenge to knuckle down and see them to fruition.
  • Life is full of challenges and getting confused and disorientated is so easy.

Thank God for Jesus!

I propose we view life as a quest and take Jesus’ invitation to be his followers seriously, if you do so life will become more intoxicating, refreshing, invigorating. God made love and gave us a life, I say we should rejoice in this and the one who made it all. Don’t have regrets but continuously refocus on the author of perfection, AKA Jesus.

What do you say? I know I want to step out the door and into the quest like so many others, so let’s encourage one another to leave the old house (our past selves) and run towards the new us (us rejuvenated in Christ).





Just so you have an idea of the route each week will take, here is the lowdown:

Each week we’re going to look at a parable (messages told as stories by Jewish rabbis) in seven different ways. These varying approaches will enable you to explore the parables deeply and equip yourself for the quest we are embarking on by encouraging and challenging you to listen and take in the lessons Jesus has to teach us.

The posts are going to be labeled by numbers as opposed to days of the week. This is because if you find this blog on a Tuesday you can just start on Day 1 as opposed to feeling you’re a step behind with ‘Monday and Tuesday’ to catch up on.

Day 1: A modernised fairy tale. I’ve taken old fairy tales, which you might recognise, and altered them to fit them into a new ‘magical world’. These fairy tales will introduce the week’s theme, as the message found within them will reflect the point of this week’s parable.

Day 2: A parable (Jesus, and other contemporary Rabbis, used stories or pictures to illustrate points). There will also be some fleshing out about where this parable fits in the gospel, and some information about what the parable is getting at.

Just like you, I’m questing and still learning so if you have any else to say about these parables please comment: whether that’s to delve into a further explanation of a point or to offer another view.

Day 3: A memory from my life that will act as a foil (a point that contrasts) to the week’s parable. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, and these stories will high-light the importance of grasping the lesson of this week’s parable.

Some will be amusing, or embarrassing, whilst others will be me really opening up to you. As a fellow quester, I trust you and want to show you the importance of following Jesus.

Day 4: A suggested activity to encourage you to encounter God on a daily basis. One of my friends comments that living with God is always full of movement. Every day is either a step forward or backward from God. Let’s take those steps forward.

Tying onto the activity, I’ve written a diary following my week’s experience with undergoing the activity. This will, I hope, inspire you as you note the changes over the week. It would be great if you wrote a diary of your experience of doing a week’s worth of the activity and posting it in the comments, just to encourage the future you and future readers.

Day 5: Here, I’ll write up an interview I’ve done with an older and wiser Christian about the week’s parable. The interviewees will be Christians who have grappled with the bible longer than I have and will have a refreshing and different insight into this week’s parable.

Day 6: A wrapping up of what’s been happening thus far this week. Here, I’ll explain how the fairy story, parable, memory and activity all tie in with one another.

Day 7: I’ll finish the week with a photo and a verse for you to muse on.




The above is a route for the week. It’s not the big picture by a long shot.

The big picture is that this is a quest. We start out at home to venture into the unknown and will encounter numerous obstacles and issues. We can either use these obstacles to retreat, attempt to tackle them on our own or learn to lean on God further. The further we venture along the quest and the more we lean on God, the more we will change.

So, are you ready for a quest that will:

  • Change your perspective on life, community and Jesus?
  • Lead you into deeper and richer understanding of God’s love?
  • Bring you into a deeper and more secure idea of who you are?

David J Green

A quester amidst the madness





The changes that will occur during this quest aren’t dependent upon just reading and following this blog. My words are ineffective without God. Internal change isn’t possible without the power of the Holy Spirit (a guide God has sent us to live a life worthy of him). We don’t stand a chance of succeeding without knowing Jesus’ love.

This blog isn’t the way; Jesus is. This blog is merely a means of signposting you to the true road that leads to the cross (the reason we can have hope, love and life) and beyond.



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