A Change of Approach

A Change of Approach

Sorry I didn’t post this earlier; this week’s been a funny one. Monday, I did some job searching and was asked for an interview. Tuesday, I had the job interview and was given it on the spot. Then on Tuesday evening I had a motorbike accident. Wednesday, I went to the hospital and got my left arm in a splint. Wednesday evening I rang the new workplace and lost the job. Yesterday, I was recuperating with playing a lot of Shogun 2 and then socialising with some mates. Basically, it’s been a manic one and I haven’t had the ‘head space’ to write this post. Anyway, here it is.  20141003_230929

This blog is going to have a change of approach. When I started writing this blog, I was thinking that it would be to encourage people to quest towards God. However, as an author somewhere pointed out: Jesus finished that quest on the cross. Through Jesus we have a new life, a new hope and a fresh new relationship with God. How awesome is that! Still, I suggest that there is a quest to be had. This quest is one where we work out what it means to have a faith in this world we’re living in. We come across many wrong mind sets (half of the time: ours), numerous obstacles and relationship difficulties. I believe that Jesus teaches us how to live, and Paul and the rest of the bible does a very good job of revealing and exploring these lessons further. God is a loving Father who watches us working it out and encourages us to look to him further and deeper. The Holy Spirit is there guiding, holding and teaching us even when we get confused with what’s going on.


Initially, I was going to explore all of the parables over the next few months. However, this is a rather optimistic and flawed decision. I don’t have the wisdom or the knowledge to unpack them and I feel I’d do them a disservice if I tried to push them into just a few weeks of writing and researching (and, yes, praying about what I ought to write should be in there too). Consequently, I’m not going to use the same format as this month until next September. Over the next eleven months I’m going to explore themes I feel the parables we’ve already looked at bring up. Sometimes, the weeks are going to feel heavy, i.e. next week is an exploration into suicide. I am going to try my best to end the weeks on a positive note, i.e. next week ends on a poem about hope.


With regards to how many posts I’m writing. One kindly blogger (http://mtsweat.com/) suggests, in his article ‘Nurturing Your Blog in its Infancy’, that a daily blog is way too much! This is not only for me, the blogger, but for you, the reader, who is then swamped by loads of words. Consequently, I’m only going to be posting three times a week.

So, yeah, heads up: there’s gonna be a change of approach.


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