Day 27

We’ve been forgiven (Psst! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!)

So, what’s this QCB all about? In one simple word: forgiveness. When we step out of that front door to go on our quest, we might have thoughts about past mistakes that bog us down and make us feel like we’ll be ineffective. What’s the way to overcome this obstacle? Forgiveness: forgive yourself. God has! How awesome is that!

Fairy Tale

The fairy tale this week was my take on Rumpelstiltskin. It is not a story of forgiveness but one of slavery. Meade, as we learn this week, was briefly locked up as a child to accomplish an impossible task so he could get into Howlspark. Years later, he was then asked to repay Bulgerinstew in an impossible way. Bulgerinstew didn’t forgive Meade and this, eventually, lead to the strange creature’s demise. What do we learn from this? There are a few lessons but the one I’d like to make is this: no good can come from not repenting and forgiving/being forgiven.



This week’s parable conveys a powerful message of forgiveness. We all have heavy debts to pay, whether we are currently aware of it or not as we have all acted in ways that hurt those around us. We may not intend to hurt others or we may have a destructive habit. However, when we ask for forgiveness we are forgiven. God loves us and wants a relationship with us, so he sent Christ to restore us to Him. Today I listened to a very powerful talk that reminded me that God and Christ are exactly alike: we can take comfort in the fact that just as Jesus eternally loves so does God. He’s forgiven us at the cross.



Sorry for another ‘heavy’ one. Hopefully, you didn’t find my memory for this week as heavy as last week’s. Anyway, the point of sharing this one with you is just to present with you a snippet of my testimony that has stamped all over it: FORGIVEN. JESUS LOVES YOU! And, yes, I can a bit deaf to this: so if God did convey this truth in stamp form I could imagine Him using capitals and an exclamation mark. God’s forgiveness and love is so deep and wide that it is remarkable and hard to believe in. However, it remains to be true that God loves us and we can’t be cynical to it. It’s the truth: God loves and forgives.



Worship is something that usually comes from a heart overflowing with love for God. Sometimes, as numerous authors of the Psalms write, we feel far from God though we continue to worship him. This can take much more of a conscious effort and force of will. However, it is good and right to praise God in all circumstances. And with forgiveness: let’s not mope over what we’ve got wrong but let’s celebrate what God did to make us right with Him. If we approach our relationship with God from a self-centred position, there’ll always be a gap. If we approach it from a Christ-centred position, the gap closes. 



I might’ve mentioned it a couple of times now but, yeah, the theme for this week is forgiveness. What does this mean? It means we can celebrate God, not worry about our past mistakes and fix our eyes on the prize (an eternity spent with a loving Father) that is ahead of us because of Christ Jesus.


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