Day 25

   Thank you, Father

Again, I find myself in a position where I realise I am very human and prone to making sinful decisions. During these times, it is very easy to kick myself and to ask myself why I’m such a dolt. This is particularly the case with my continuous struggle with the issue that made everything difficult during my gap year. Still, I might be the biggest of twits but if I truly, deeply and humbly return to God and ask for his forgiveness then I am forgiven. This is hard to get my head around.


However, God is a forgiving and loving God. The more we focus on God, the deeper we experience His grace (an adjective that is reflected in God’s love, forgiveness, patience and other wonderful characteristics). The deeper we experience his grace, the more obedient we’ll be to Him and the less obedient we’ll be to our earthly desires. As it states, God’s grace is sufficient for us. Let us believe that and the fact that he’s forgiven us. What is the thing that gets in the way of our receiving the forgiveness? Our pride and our blindness: if we refuse to believe there isn’t anything wrong in us then God is made into a liar and we don’t understand the truth found within the gospels. It’s a hard lesson to learn as letting go of pride, I’ve found and am finding, is a very painful experience. Still, our God is a great God and is worthy of praise. He is loving, kind and patient and delights to call us his children: how radical is that?


Now, this week’s activity is simply to worship God. If you’re an artist, draw a painting. If you’re a writer, write a poem. If you’re an athlete, go for a jog and enjoy God’s planet. Worship is something, I’ve found, that can be overlooked though it really shouldn’t be. We’ve been forgiven by a magnificent and stunning Father! Let’s worship Him!




Again, this week has a fairly open ended activity. However, if you want to post something you make or do during the week, then please leave it in a comment. If you just want to share a worship video from YouTube, or something along those lines, please do so. As for the activity, I don’t expect you to post anything below but if you want to upload a picture of some art you’ve done in worship or a poem you’ve written, please feel free to do so. Being a writer, I’m going to write poems. However, I’m not going to post them here because it’ll take up too much space. However, here are some worship videos.


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One thought on “Day 25”

  1. I agree that doing the things we have God-given talent for is an act of worship in itself. I’ve often felt that it is pleasing to God when I do well the things that I am good at, like when I finish a particularly fine model or the likes. God has given me the talents I use in that process, and the end result shows to God’s glory, at least to my eye and his, which is what counts!

    I have been worshiping in song today, and tomorrow I shall go and fly an aeroplane, which is an awe-inspiring experience which brings me closer to God both because it exercises the talent He has given me, but also because it offers breathtaking views of his creation, and I am one who finds closeness to God in nature.


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