Day 20

It’s worth the work

 So, what’s this week’s QCB all about? Before we step out the door, it’s good to make sure we’ve got everything we need. I made that mistake recently when I headed to a friend’s wedding on the August bank holiday, but that’s a story I might tell another time.

 Fairy Tale

The fairy tale that was modified and modernised earlier this week was a traditional fairy tale called Mother Holle. This story is about two sisters who are very different. One of them is kind, helpful and active whilst the other is far less so. The one has established a personality that doesn’t mind serving others, however repulsive the people or tasks might be, because she’s currently being forced to do tasks by her horrid sister. The other sister, however, is lazy and wants instantaneous results. Consequently, when it comes to them encountering Mother Winter, or Holle, they react in two very different ways. The active sister helps Mother Winter as best as she can and, eventually, is rewarded for her hard work. The lazy sister does a half-hearted job of working for Mother Winter and is, eventually, punished for her laziness. Thankfully, unlike this fairy tale, there is forgiveness in Christ and we can always return to square one. However, digging those foundations and spending time with Christ is so important and we should be encouraging one another constantly, in loving ways, to do so. If we do, then when the hard times come we can stay afloat.



This week’s parable was that of the wise and foolish builders. One of the builders, like the kind, helpful and active sister, puts in the hard work. He builds a house that has strong foundations that will stand when the storms come. The other builder, like the slothful sister, makes sure that his work is done swiftly and without hassle. It is much easier to be like the second builder, I know I often try and skimp on the tough work. However, let’s work on building our bond with God, who is eternally loving, patient and kind and desires a relationship with us.


This week’s memory from my life was, I feel, a bit of a heavy one. I’m sorry about that but it was one of my more important memories and one of the turning points in my journey with God. There are times when I reflect on my past and wish I’d done a better job. However, let’s just take from this story the message that it is so important to build strong foundations in the position we find ourselves in now. There are moments when I think I’ll start again tomorrow. The problem with that is that it puts off the rest of the day. Let’s dig those foundations and, instead of being weighed down by the past, be lifted up by looking ahead and at the hope we have in Christ.



I do feel a bit silly setting you bed times… As I’ve said, if there’s another element of your life that you know needs changing then work on that instead, such as my choice of walking and reflecting on the Jesus Prayer (‘Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me’). It is incredible how important sleep, exercise, eating healthily and doing the washing up is to our well-being. I’ve never been that great in these areas of my life and shall be improving. Let’s ensure, as we establish these practical routines in vital aspects of our lives, to use them as a means to also dig firm foundations with God.


In essence, this week is all about building firm foundations and creating habits that will last us our lifetimes. I know there are numerous elements of my life that need scrutinising and changing. However, let’s put in the work and establish a strong base: not so that God will then love us but so that we may express our love for God.



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