Day 13

We can shine

So, what’s this week’s QCB all about? Before we actually head out on the quest, it’s always good to remember the reason why we’re questing. Therefore, where else to go other than understanding how we can are to be salty and shiny for God?



This week the fairy tale was a modern adaptation of Andersen’s ‘The Nightingale’. It is a fairly long piece but each element of Andersen’s story contributed to make it beautiful and poetic: I didn’t want to let go of that as I rewrote it. So, sorry it was a long one. However, the message behind this was that the actual phoenix took tremendous joy in how her singing affected those she sung too. True, she was chained up but she did return to sing death away from Meade. Do we shine like that? Are we loyal as the phoenix was?


The parable this week challenges us to bring God’s flavour and shine with God’s glory in this dark world. This isn’t in order to gain God’s praise but so we might lead others to know the truly deep, wide and high love that God has for them. The flavour that God brings to this world is rich, full and satisfying. The light that God brings to this world is bright, guiding and everlasting. If we are to lead people out of chains and darkness, if we are to run with persistence despite our own flaws, we need to look at God and remember how good He is. The more we turn our face to God the more we will shine and reveal God’s love to those around us.



This week I shared with you a time when I floundered along a dark path, literally, as I envisaged a spectre in front of me and kept wandering onto the grassy verges as I tried to distract myself. This reflects how we can become distracted by tricky, false hope that leads us in the wrong direction and how important light is in order to walk a straight path. So, let us shine in such a way that we are an encouragement to others that they can walk in way that pleases God and reveals his love.


In a society where it’s about our choices and selections it’s easy to think that it’s all about us. That’d be incorrect. However, each one of us is individually and corporately loved by a caring, gentle and everlasting Father. It’s important to remember how much we are loved and how much it is all down to God. When we know that God loves us and will forgive us when we return to Him, we can have the confidence that we are truly permitted to shine and change the world for Him. As Matt Redman sings: ‘you’re grace is stronger, so much stronger Lord, than all our faults and failures.’



So, in a nutshell, this week is being salty (not in a sweaty way) and to shine so that those around us will catch a glimpse of God’s love for them. But to shine we need to remain fuelled by God’s grace, hence the importance of remembering His love for us.


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