Day 6

Be filled with positiveness

So, what is this week’s QCB (Questing Christian Brother) all about? To begin a quest, it’s good to feel prepared physically, psychologically and spiritually. So, what better place to begin than at a place where we fill ourselves with positiveness?

Fairy tale

Although Meade was a kindly man, he was interested in a suit that would make those around him feel insecure if they couldn’t see it. This was, primarily, so he could tell if they should be teachers or students at his school. However, this back fired and he ended up giving an assembly naked. It’s easy to be tricked by the voices around us, telling us what we should do. This world is more than just black and white and, as such, it can be easy to make the wrong decision. However, we should try and focus on being positive and not making those around us feel ridiculous, not just because (like Meade) it might backfire. Let us fill ourselves and those around us with positive thoughts and feelings: thoughts and feelings rooted in Jesus (from whom all good things have their origins).



Jesus’ parable about the bottles was directed at Pharisees (a sect of Jews who were focused on keeping the law) and teachers of the law to tell them he is the new way and it would be best to be filled with him. The problem was that his audience of Pharisees and teachers of the law had tasted the old way, the way of keeping the law, and they had no desire of changing how they judged and condemned those they came in contact with. Jesus is new wine, and we need to be submissive as he changes us. Jesus is love, forgiveness, acceptance, servant-heartedness, let’s follow suit. We don’t get this right all the time but if we turn back to him and ask to be filled again we can be confident that he will.



During my time in Bulgaria, I was silly enough to drink from a water bottle that wasn’t mine (I believe it belonged to a chap called Josh). The result was an evening of walking between the en suite bathroom and my bed. The next day, I was found naked. The ending doesn’t hold much importance other than rounding off the story; it’s the rest of the memory that’s to be reflected on. I consumed something that was very bad for me. Similar to this scenario, is Jesus’ parable. If we believe in Jesus and his crucifixion love then we are a new creation and need heavenly stuff filling us. We are not going to be perfect on this earth but we can strive for perfection and work out our faith. Let’s drink water that is healthy for us.



Meditation: a way to realign ourselves to God and to replace the rubbish in us with the goodness of God. When we meditate we stop and enter a place where we can cleanse our minds of the old stuff and, instead, fill it with the good stuff. God is a loving and compassionate God, He is powerful and holy, He is just and righteous, and He wants us to spend time in His presence. By giving up time to meditate, even for ten minutes, we establish a means where we can engage in a deeper relationship with God.


Wrapped Up

This week is about filling ourselves with positivity. So, let’s wake up to the quest knowing we can be filled with God’s Holy Spirit (a counsellor, guide and friend).


2 thoughts on “Day 6”

  1. Your posts are really good. 🙂 Have you ever thought of compiling them into a book or magazine? (not that they’re not affective as a blog) I can imagine a lot of people really benefiting from them. 🙂


    1. Cheers Rachel 🙂
      I’m not yet at that stage of the ‘quest’ to mass-market this idea. Equally, I’m hoping that as I continue maintaining this blog, other Christians will be able to interact and share their thoughts. Thoughts that are, always, vastly treasured and wonderfully important 🙂


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